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Logo Design VS Branding – Explained

Logo and Brand Concepts:

First, a logo is the company’s visual that is imprinted in our minds so it’s a very important tool to assess good business outcomes. A brand on the other hand is a lot more complex than just say, a logo design, it’s more like the idea of the company itself and what it presents.


Logo Definition:

A logo is a graphic tool that contributes to a specific company or business, take apple’s logo as an example, the first thing we’ll focus on is the half-bitten apple which is their remarkable company logo that is recognized worldwide. See, our team at tcure.ca has a spectacular logo that talks about the company’s performance by itself as another example, that is why a logo that is a combination of colors, typography, and shapes could play a big role in the business display alone.


Brand Definition:

When we talk brand, we talk ideas, creations, plans, activities, and services practically and emotionally. This means that when we talk about the brand of a certain company, we are trying to combine a lot of different checkpoints like staff, the name, products, company visuals, and so on, all of which trigger a certain physical and emotional image for customers. As we talked about apple’s logo before, their brand will draw your attention to luxury, quality, high expenses. This is exactly what makes branding effective in displaying services and products to some groups of customers and manage successful businesses.


Then what’s the difference between Logo Creation and Branding?


Logo creation is a process of creating a graphical interpretation of the company’s vision, while Branding is done through various strategies and steps whatsoever.

  • Brand definition: This includes what the company values, serves, and promises its customers.
  • Brand positioning statement.
  • Brand identity: Including the name, visual (logo), and tone of representation according to the target customers.
  • Advertising and communications: Important for engaging with audience and customers, through several media platforms.
  • Sponsoring and partnerships.
  • Product and packaging design.
  • In-store experience.
  • Workspace experience and management style.
  • Customer service.
  • Pricing strategy.

We can safely conclude that logo creation is only a process of creating the whole brand.


But why is the logo a necessity for branding purposes? Though it’s only a part of the branding process, it seems to be a major one.

A logo can be displayed basically everywhere from products to packaging to ads.

Thus, it’s the main element that helps people identify the organization and its different services. A lot of the time a logo will be the way for people to quickly identify and find you.


A very well-created logo can have a huge impact on the branding process because:

  • A well-designed logo that is attractive to different customers will allow the quick identification of your unique service and products.


  • Visual identity: the logo will represent your own identity and tone, the way you are perceived by customers, and the way you represent your name.


Finally, a logo by itself is considered a small but necessary tool and step for the overall branding process, while the brand will represent the whole company’s idea and represent its values and services, and tone.

A good branding strategy accompanied by a well-created logo can help you reach out to more audiences and customers to be able to create a leading brand. without this, a logo would simply be a graphical element.

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